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Joined: Sep 13, 2013
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MapBake is from the analogy of a baking project where countries and/or regions within countries are ingredients which can be used in a recipe. A MapBake code is a recipe to identify countries and regions.
MapBake allows you to identify sets of countries and/or regions within a country.
MapBake can create a quick map display.
MapBake can generate kmz files for use with Google Earth.

Here is how to use MapBaKe:
MapBake codes identify sets of countries and/or regions within countries.
MapBake codes may seem like random characters but they will identify the countries you have checked.

MapBake codes do not contain colon, comma, plus, minus, asterisk, slash or ampersand characters which have different purposes.
MapBake codes for a country set and region sets for different countries can be joined with the ampersand character.
There is a code entry box that can convert ISO-3166 codes.
ISO codes for countries start with a colon and have codes separated by commas. Regions within countries start with the country code a colon and the region codes separated by commas. Some examples :US,CN will become the MapBake code MK, and US:CA,NY will become JK. Codes can also be modified with operators + is Or, * is And, - is Not, and / is Xor.
Note that any entries in the code entry box must be updated or they can be lost when changes a made in other ways.
Alternatively, countries can be checked from the tree and the MapBake codes will be updated. If a country is selected (whether checked or not) another tree will open to give access to the regions of that country.
There will be buttons to Show the countries selected and/or the regions within a country.
There will be buttons to Edit countries with selected regions which will load a tree that can be modified.
There will be buttons to Add to KML. A set that is added to KML can have the Color, Opacity, and Altitude specified. If both countries and regions within countries are checked there will be an Add to KML 2 which will add the countries and regions as two different KML sets.
Once KML sets are configured as you like you cam Make KML which will be downloaded by your browser and can be used in Google Earth.
The url will be updated in a second of any changes (changes to the code entry box must be updated) so you can bookmark the page to return to the same place or send the url to a friend.
Hovering the mouse over controls will give reminders of the purpose.
Forum Index » MapBake Usage
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